CPE2_3 class

class cpe.cpe2_3.CPE2_3(cpe_str, *args, **kwargs)

Represents a generic CPE name compatible with all CPE name style of version 2.3 of CPE specification.

static __new__(cpe_str, *args, **kwargs)

Generator of CPE Names according to version 2.3.

Parameters:cpe_str (string) – CPE Name string
Returns:CPE object of version 2.3 with style detected correctly
Return type:CPE2_3
Exception:NotImplementedError - incorrect CPE Name or version of CPE not implemented

This class implements the factory pattern, that is, this class centralizes the creation of objects of a particular CPE style of version 2.3, hiding the user the requested object instance.


Returns a human-readable representation of CPE Name.

Returns:Representation of CPE Name as string
Return type:string