Important issues

  • The auto version classes receive an CPE Name and try to find out what version is associated.
  • The functions to get the values of attributes of a CPE Name always return a list of string. That is so because the attributes of version 1.1 of CPE specification can be linked with several system and elements. For example, the attribute vendor in CPE Name cpe://sun:sunos:5.9/bea:weblogic:8.1;mysql:server:5.0 get three values: sun, bea and mysql.
  • The not logical values of the attributes in version 2.3 of CPE specification always start and end with double quotes. For example, the value of attribute product in CPE Name wfn:[part=”a”, vendor=”microsoft”, product=”internet_explorer”, version=”8”, update=”beta”] is “internet_explorer”, not internet_explorer without double quotes.
  • Some CPE Names of version 1.1 with several systems or elements defined cannot convert into other CPE versions, for example, the CPE Name cpe://sun:sunos:5.9/bea:weblogic:8.1;mysql:server:5.0
  • Comparing a CPE Name of version 1.1 with others, if versions are incompatible, then the return value is False instead of raising an exception.
  • The methods ovalcheck() and ocilcheck() of CPELanguage2_3 class is not implemented.
  • The language attribute of CPE Names only allow the normal language tags according to the shortest ISO 639 code in language part and the ISO 3166-1 and UN M.49 code in region part. The extended, registered or reserved subtags are not supported.